A creative blend of Tradition with Creativity

We introduce ourselves as an invitation card manufacturer, producing invitation cards for all occasions with a unique blend of Technology, Creativity and Tradition (which got lost in the passage of time), which conveys your hearts message. The paintings of the Veteran Artist Maya has been converted into innovative invitation cards for each ones need and suitability. The cards have been designed and brought in a manner, which would bring out the values and importance of our tradition. We also undertake manufacturing of personalized & designer cards.

Maya, a veteran artist and widely popular, a close associate of Anandha Vikatan for well over 25 years and now a freelance artist, has now come out with a novelty to serve the public at large. He has created wedding cards which are unique and depict his illustrations of the various events of the Upanayanam. The cards are designed linking tradition with creativity. Such cards are new concepts by themselves.

The cards are designed in multi color adorned with its illustrations of the events of the marriage. Each event is described at the back of the card bringing out the importance and meaning of the event. The cards bring out the tradition which are being followed for several centuries. They project the meaning and the purpose of such events, which are applicable even to the present day's fast life. The cards for marriage reception depict modern ideas giving a new dimension to the pleasurable moment of one's life. The cards are unique in their layout, color combinations and appearance and no such cards are seen in the market.

All you need to do is

1. Browse through our categories and choose your preferred invitation card.

2. Call us at +91-44-2489-1240 or mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for the pricing and delivery information. Please mention the code number and the number of cards you wish to order.

3. Deposit your payments in the bank account which shall be provided by mail and you shall be provided with your order number.

4. Submit your content for printing and review the proof.

5. The printing of the invitations shall be complete within six working days from the date of approval of the proof.

*Please note that the cost of shipping of the cards would be charged extra.