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B40101-2FS_Iyengar Upanayanam Invitation Card

Iyengar Upanayanam Two fold with Lord Uppliappan. This Invitation contain information about every event in the Upanayanam funtion along with Art Work of Artist MAYA. More Infomation about the Invitation cards is found below
  • Other Add-Ons (Not included in the printing cost)
  • Lamination of the Invitation card
  • Printing of Telugu or Kannada of some Regional Languages Invitation Content
  • Customization such adding the photo of the boy or photo of your family deity
Insert Choice
  • Insert Choices (Including in the Printing cost)
  • Off White Sheet - Usually used for English Only or other Regional language Upanayanam Cards
  • Yellow and Pink - Usually used for Tamil and English Upanayanam Cards
Other Add - Ons (Not Included in the Printing Cost)
  • Lamination of the Insert
  • Lamination of the Invitation Card
  • Golden Thread for the Insert (Two Fold Type Card)
  • Printing of Telugu , Kannada or other Regional Invitation Content Customization such adding the phone of the boy or photo of your family deitly
Please upload your content in the space provided through email toorder
  • Time Duration We take 1 or 2 Working days from the date of placing of the order to provide you with the First Draft
  • You can correct the invitation content over Phone, E-mail, Whatsapp
  • Upon approval, the cards would be printed within 7 working days.
  • Shipping time for taken by courier for South India - 3-4 and North India 5 -6 Working Days
Minimum Qty 100 nos Mobile No : 9176699639 - 7871652255 9094801982 - 7871451099 Email Id :